Japanese Stab Bound Book 12th March 2017


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I am excited to be offering this new workshop in 2017. I have made Japanese Stab Bound books for many years, as commissions for elaborate event books or made in 5 minutes when I need a quick shopping list book. It is the most versatile of all the book forms. Unique in many ways – it is possible to resew the spine easily to rearrange pages, or add/remove pages. Pages of different sizes can easily be accommodated. ‘Spacers’ can be included to allow for bulky content. The spine sewing can be as simple or complex as you choose.

Yes, it is a very interesting book form!

In this workshop we will explore all these options as you design and make your book. Then you will have the chance to rummage through my huge collection of collage papers, trimmings, fabrics etc to begin the content of your book.

I will have paints and stencils for you to try my Gellipalte for one or two of the pages if you wish

I like to make a book and fill it in one day. Or, I can decide on a theme and be on the lookout for content as I go about my life!

We will talk about all of these options and you get to decide how to proceed. Yes. Very excited about this one!

As ever with my full day workshops you will be offered more tea and coffee than you can drink, and a lovely vegetarian lunch. Please let me know ahead of the workshop if you have any dietary needs. Check out the workshop terms and conditions too. Then book it up and look forward to a day of creative exploration with paper! Don’t hesitate – I will make one alongside you and I’m raring to go!

I will offer this workshop twice over one weekend. 11th and 12th of March Choose your day! This also makes a great gift

This is a page from my ‘Blue Book’ completed in one day
This page has a scrap of Liberty fabric stuck onto the top part then I painted the design onto the bottom!




The cover of this book is a print from my Gelliplate




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