Spring Equinox

Happy Spring! It’s officially here!

The days are now actually longer than the nights and so we enter that glorious part of the year where everything thinks about growing, the sun shines and the birds sing.


Yesterday, the Vintage Fair in Hexham went really well and many of my dear friends came to snap up bargains from what will be my last day of selling at the Vintage Fair. There is not much left and I am far too busy quilting to think about acquiring more!

The last few things will be available on eBay and by following me on Instagram (Kate Jackson Textiles) to see when I use the hashtag katesdestashuk.

Working one day a week at present teaching a very enthusiastic bunch of beginner quilters and spending the rest of the week planning for workshops at Alston and in my home. If you want to keep up to date with those please make sure you are signed up to my newsletter

In other news, with my dear friend Lindsay, I will be running a bookshop as part of the Wigtown Book Festival at the end of April. We have a few treats in store Рyou might want to follow the blog during our two weeks.

There will be crafts, cake and coffee and a great deal of fun!

Lately round here its been all about triangles, so i think I might get back to that now.