and so it begins…

I’m back from France, back from London and ready to start the summer with a whole host of workshops.

But before I ramp up the advert – isn’t this just the most glorious start to summer! My garden is bursting with vegetables, flowers and very many acres of weeds! Its a full on task dealing with the daily changes that the lovely sunshine and equally lovely rain bring to a rich and fertile soil. And there are only so many hours in the day. I find myself secretly longing for a rainy day so that I can get back to my sewing! Currently on the design board is another Liberty Heirloom quilt, this one is dark blues and reds, with very little of the pale Liberty designs. It is looking rich and sumptuous and very bold.  Photos to follow.

Today though, I am packing up the car to teach a workshop at Ayle tomorrow, where  folk will discover the joy of combining fabrics to make a very unique piece. I have two places still on the same course on August 26th, and of course, I can teach it anywhere, anytime if you want to arrange that. Just get in touch.

Spend some time in your garden if you can, just a bit of weeding now and then. get a bit of Vitamin D!