Print and Paper

The Hearth Horsley 26/27 April

Following on from the success at the Vintage Fair in Hexham last month, I am now getting ready for this next event at the Hearth. Getting ready means listening to audio books and making real books – lots of vintage papers, glue, paper and endless cups of coffee.

I like making things in batches. So the tiny books are all made – over twenty of them – 2.5 inches square – so neat and pretty and ready to fill with miniature art! The covers of these little books are made using pages from a lovely old copy of Webster’s Illustrated Dictionary.


Then I found some splendid black and white images in The dictionary of Signs and Symbols, and finally, because there has to be colour in everything I do – some spotty little treasures!


IMG_2388Check back soon for the next production line – journals!