Autumn colour

Time for some more colour!

As the days shorten and the hour changes on the clocks, I start to get a little concerned about the lack of light and hibernation seems like a very good idea. so I have some colourful projects at my workshop and now, something to keep me busy on these long winter evenings at home.

I have dyed a pile of old wool blankets, the sort you used to get in charity shops for dog blankets priced at 99p. Not any longer, they are harder to find now but I still have a few.

I used acid dyes, very easy to use, with a dash of vinegar and half an hour in a big old jam pan on the Rayburn. The I hung the dripping pieces in my greenhouse. Ready now to turn into a warm and cosy proggy mat for the fireside in my sitting room.

Watch this space!

Watermelon Dyed Blanket