Workshops at Whitfield

How much colour?

From time to time I hold workshops teaching various textile and paper skills. On saturday I had the perfect antidote to the grey gloomy October day. I lit the stove, turned on all my brights lights and got out my boxes and boxes of colourful cotton scraps.

The technique I was teaching is the fabulous random patchwork that I have called the Gees Bend Patchwork. The name refers to the women of this area of Alabama who are descended from African slaves. The tradition of hand stitching with whatever was to hand has been passed from mother to daughter resulting in a rather marvellous chaos of colours with no real respect for straight lines or matching fabrics. I LOVE it!

Once the women in my class got the hang of the technique, they loved it too! This photo shows their cushions on the quilt I made several years ago – possibly the first time I started to appreciate the joy of sewing one bit of fabric to another to create something completely unique and startling individual!

Quite the antidote to grey – you have to agree!

I will teach this session anytime you like. I need three or four people who are willing to abandon any thoughts they may have for traditional patchwork! A large dollop of fun guaranteed! Please get in touch if you are up for being one of them!

Gees Bend Patchwork